Health Art


– Prana Chikitsa (Energy Treatment)

– Kalari Uzichil (Kalari Physiotherapy)

– Mindfulness Coaching


I began studying the arts of Yoga, Ayurveda (Indian system of health) and meditation when I was 13 years old. I remember being sure there was something missing from school. There was something I wasn’t being told. I took a 20 minute tram ride from my house to a bookstore in the city that had a directory of spiritual and natural-health teachers. I asked for a recommendation of a meditation teacher. The woman they suggested, Anita, lived 200 metres from my house. I got back on the tram and went to find Anita.

Since that time I have continued to research and practice mindfulness and traditional health arts. The teacher I have spent the most time with is nature. Time alone in nature. My second most influential teacher has been Kalarippayat – a martial and medicinal art from Kerala, India. Kalari is the ‘the way of nature’, and is based on harmonising the microcosm that is an individual, with the greater cycles and rhythms of nature. I bring knowledge of traditional sciences together with university studies in environmental science, and Western training in mindfulness-based approaches (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).

A dedication to studying harmony and nature through traditional and modern sciences came about due to life’s challenges. I have a desire to face difficulty and live peacefully with myself and others. The practical skills I have learnt through my studies have changed my life, for the much-better. I have seen the lives of others transformed through Kalari, Ayurveda and mindfulness, and it is my belief that the knowledge of one’s own mind, body, and place in nature is the foundation of wellbeing.

Through the guidance of wise teachers, I now understand that we are each responsible for our own health. I am not a ‘healer’, I am a facilitator – someone who helps others uncover their own best way forward. I have utmost respect for each person I meet with, believing that sessions are a shared experience of learning and health.

I regularly travel between India and Australia, dedicated to continuing my studies and professional development in the arts of natural health.

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